We are a competitive springboard and platform diving program training at San Diego State University.  Classes are offered year round and accommodate divers ages 6-18 as well as the serious Senior level athlete.  Please poke around our website to learn more about SDSD...links to our pages are above in red.

Update...August at SDSD

Fall Session Starts Sunday, August 30, 2015...email with details on the way!  All club fees are due August 28, 2015 to avoid late fees!




AAU membership is now ready for renewal for the 2015-16 season.  Remember, AAU membership is required of all divers prior to participation with SDSD.  The "Season" is defined as September 1st through August 31st...there is a two week period at the end of August (now) to get a jump start on membership for the next season.  See the Registration page of this site for details on how to register with AAU as a SDSD diver...


Sorry to say, but the summer is nearing an end and school will be starting up again before you know it...if you have interest in getting started with SDSD, shoot us an email:  sdsdcoach@gmail.com



Congratulations to our 2015 AAU Diving National Qualifiers:


Leah Parsons (14-15 girls 1m & 3m)

Samantha Cochrane (16-18 girls 1m & 3m)

Jackie Im (16-18 girls 1m & 3m)

Kara Justeson (16-18 girls 1m & 3m)

Jackie Real (16-18 girls 1m & 3m)

Kristin Sondys (16-18 girls 1m & 3m)

Shelby Steiger (16-18 girls 1m & 3m)

Drew Webb (16-18 boys 1m & 3m)



2015 SDSD Limited Invite Results



Congratulations to Drew Webb and Shelby Steiger...both divers finaled at the High School State Championships!  Drew finished 8th while Shelby was 14th.  Other noted performances by SDSD divers in the first ever California High School State Championships were Jackie Im (21st) and Jackie Real (25th)...nice job to all!


If you are a current SDSD member and have a neighbor or friend that might be interested in trying the sport of competitive diving...or you're just looking to offset session fees...our referral program might be something of interest.  Check out the Fees page and scroll down to HELP US GROW to learn more!






Email us if you have interest in registering with the program: