Thinking about College?


Between these coaches, they have sent away over 100 of their athletes to division 1 and 2 diving colleges, most on some form of scholarship.  This is no guarantee that your diver will have what it takes but if they are hard working and dedicated, Roland and Dennis will probably be able to help them get into a collegiate program that fits them well.  

San Diego has a new Springboard and Platform Diving team!  San Diego State Divers was formed when two high level coaches noticed that although the sport of diving was developing fast nationwide, San Diego had very few divers.

Head Coaches Roland McDonald and Dennis Taylor came together to build this team and with 63 years of combined coaching expertise, San Diego is lucky to have a program with not just one, but two coaches that have trained Olympians!

Roland and Dennis have complementary styles of coaching that will enrich the diving experience for every diver at all levels.  No matter your age, whether you are a complete beginner, a diver who wants to compete better in High School, or you want to train for college and higher levels of competition through AAU, USA Diving, or even the Olympics and beyond, we have a diving program for you.

Are you a gymnast that wants to continue flipping and twisting but needs a sport that is less abusive on the body?  With the methods our coaches use, it’s an easy transition for someone with gymnastics training to become a diver.

Roland McDonald









As the head coach of the San Diego State Diving Club and the San Diego State Aztec Division 1 Collegiate Diving Team, Roland brings in not only 15 years of coaching university divers, but also a background of 25 years of coaching high level club programs.  Roland has numerous "Coach of the Year" honors in both collegiate and amature diving, plus his own background as an amature, collegiate, and ultimately a professional diver.  His personal diving honors include national honors, multiple international titles, 3 World Cup titles, and also the title of Acapulco Cliff Diving Champion. Roland and his wife Jane have 2 sons (Michael and Skeeter) as well as a daughter (Christa). Roland's son, Michael, was a former USA Diving age group national champion on 1 meter, 3 meter and well as an NCAA All-American at Virginia Tech University.

Dennis Taylor









As 4-time coach of the USA National Diving Team, a US Olympic Festival Coach, and the personal coach of numerous US National Champions, International Competitors and Olympians, Dennis Taylor has a long, strong, and storied background in USA's diving history, including many years as the coach of the famous UCLA Diving Program.  Moving more to a local level, over his years coaching in Los Angeles and San Diego, Dennis has coached over 75 high school divers to CIF Championship victories.  Dennis and his wife Debbie are proud of their two sons, Brady who attends Escondido High, and Austin, who plays baseball for Cal State San Marcos.



About Us


Our training facility is centrally located on the SDSU campus and truly is the best dive facility in the San Diego area. 

We have the best of the best of diving boards and because there are 4 of them at our main facility, the practice can move quickly. 

San Diego weather is typically nice but when it turns cooler we have a hot tub right next to the diving well so the divers can keep warm. 

When the athletes are trying newer or more difficult dives, we can turn on our special “bubble system” that blows a giant pocket of air up from the bottom of the pool, right under the diving board.  That means the water is dramatically softer if the diver makes any mistakes.  With this bubble system, you can land in the water in very bad positions and come up laughing. 

We also have a dryland training facility with a trampoline and diving board located indoors.  With a special rope and harness system over the trampoline and dryland diving board, the athletes can simulate pretty much every one of their dives over and over without ever getting wet. 

Also, we use video replay systems that record the divers so we can replay their dives back to them frame by frame.  This allows them to see exactly what the coach is describing to them in the lessons. 

As you can see, the sport of diving has come to San Diego in a very good way.  We are proud of San Diego State Divers and invite you to contact us for an introductory session…what better way to see if springboard diving is for you!