The San Diego State Divers is not just a few coaches running around and doing their own thing, hoping for the best.  The dive team is actually a system that has been developed over many decades to become an environment that best fosters the learning and enjoyment of the athletes.  We are very happy to have you pool-side for our workouts but there are a few ground-rules that we need you not only to understand, but also to respect.  Our learning environment relies on the coaches having the attention of the athlete and that is not possible if the parents have the attention of the athlete.


The basic rules are this:

1.  Please do not sit behind the coaches or stand behind the boards or hot tub area.

2.  We request NO contact with divers during the training session. If you need to talk with them or they need to talk with you, please get the coach's attention.

3.  You are welcome to watch from the bleachers but please DO NOT offer your child instruction...not even hand-signals. If you see that there is something they should be doing better, you are probably correct, it would be great if they did that dive or movement better.  We see it too.  However, we do not wish to overload them with corrections and may be focusing on other areas at the moment, without wanting to confuse things by fixing what you have seen wrong.  Again, we've seen it too, we may have simply chosen to focus elsewhere as we find it more advantageous to do so.  Please, let us do the coaching.

4.  Keep it positive, but subtle.  As your child comes off the deck, whether it was a great practice or a not-so-great practice, just smile and give em a hug or carry their bag...let their day set in as they walk out by not bombarding them with praise or questions but instead, let them talk, or not talk if they so choose. The best way to communicate with your young athletes is to wait until the ride home.  Let them start the conversation and then listen to what they have to say.  Just telling them you are interested and then opening the floor for them to talk can be one of the best approaches for you to get your athlete to open up and talk  Just remember, they are facing some pretty big challenges as they progress through the sport, not just physically, but also mentally.  If they don't want to talk and you're feeling uncomfortable about why they may not be communicating, please let the coaches know. 


Finally, you may notice that there are a few parents on the pool deck that do not follow the first few fact, they sit right there with us and coach the divers, including their own.  We have a very unique situation in the fact that a few of our parents are former national and world class divers, many who were actually coached by Dennis or Roland in the past.  Those parents are all AAU and USA Diving certified coaches, certified judges, and add greatly to our "team experience" by donating their time when they can. They enjoy special privlidges because it benefits the entire team.

After you agree and submit, you will be directed to our Registration page.Register with the AAU and email me your AAU number and the days you wish to attend