Meet and Travel Fees


When our divers compete we will charge a fee for coaching and travel...our form of covering additional costs associated with competition.  The following apply:


Home Meets = $25

Travel Meets within 50 miles = $50

Travel Meets outside of 50 mile radius of SDSD = $100


Fees are payable to SDSD and please send check to our office address:



7978 Pasadena Ave

La Mesa, CA  91941


Check should be mailed prior to departure for competition.  Late Fees apply!!!

San Diego State Divers Fee Structure

Fall Session 2016

September 4 - December 8, 2016

See our SDSD Calendar for details of schedule...Bonus Practices, Holidays, etc.

Download the 2016-17 Calendar Here


Please note:  Fees are due prior to the start of each session (please see late fee structure at the bottom of this text box)



Program/Level       # of days                                        Session Fee

                                                                                       (based on 11 weeks + bonus days…see calendar)



Level 10 & Elite


                     5 days a week plus                                             975

                     4 days a week                                                    900

                     3 days a week                                                    800





Level 7, 8 & 9


                     4 days a week                                                    880

                     3 days a week                                                    775





Level 4, 5 & 6


                     3 days a week                                                    595

                     2 days a week                                                    430





Level 1, 2 & 3


                     2 days a week                                                    365

                     1 day a week                                                      220




HS Diving


                     3 days a week                                                    610

                     2 days a week                                                    460




Senior Diving

Limited availability - please email to inquire about placemet and fees...include current level of experience, past diving clubs/teams/programs and well as goals and motives for training with SDSD.

This level of diving is for college age athletes looking to train at a collegiate level...this is not a Masters Diving Program nor an Adult Learn to Dive class.  Placement in the program is based on a session to session basis and can be terminated at the conclusion of any session.




Late Fee schedule:

1-7 days late     $50

8-14 days late   $75

15 + days         participation is halted until all fees are paid in full with $100 late fee


San Diego State Divers does not offer refund or credit for any reason...all payments are final.