Visiting San Diego State Divers and the Aquaplex


If you're interested in our program, we encourage you to come out and observe a practice first.  Email us and let us know you're coming to ensure we don't have any schedule changes.  


Please know that San Diego State University is a typical college campus and parking can be a pain.  Allow a few extra minutes to get parked and to the Aquaplex.  Although there are a few parking spots rather close to the pool, there is no guarantee and you should beware not to park in the "SP107" or "SP108" spots...nor should you park in the Handicap areas without proper display tags.  The parking lots are posted at the entrance to each lot as to what type of permit is required.  Parking Services patrols and tickets all lots 24/7/365...please pay attention.


The best place to park is PS5 (parking structure 5) located on the corner of Montezuma and 55th.  There are typically plenty of spaces available and you will need to purchase a parking ticket from the yellow kiosk located in the parking structure.  From PS5 you will walk about three minutes to the Aquaplex along the practice fields at the back of the parking garage and adjacent to Tony Gwynn stadium.  Note the time that you received your parking tag and be sure to give yourself enough time to get back...parking is $1/hour.


Upon arrival at the Aquaplex, please alert the staff that you are guests of San Diego State Divers and that you are just observing...they should allow you entrance to spectate.